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    075: Rock Hall Snubs & Predictions

    I am digging into the 2018 nominations to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to call out who got snubbed, who deserves to be in, and the one person I can't BELIEVE is even on the list! I also check out the new album from L'eclair.

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    074: Belly (Tanya Donelly & Gail Greenwood)

    Belly's Tanya Donelly & Gail Greenwood sit down to chat about the band's magnificent new album, "DOVE," as well as what it was like to get back together after more than 20 years. going total DIY and much more.

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    073: Concert Ticket Troubles & Tricks

    Battling ticket bots and scalpers, along with massive spikes in prices have made getting concert tickets more difficult than ever. This week, I discuss just how we got to this point, as well as offer some tips and tricks to give you the best shot scoring seats for your favorite band.

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    072: Ghost & The City

    Kia of Ghost & The City calls in to chat about their extraordinary new EP, "Time." I also dig into the new posthumous release from John Coltrane.

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    071: Jessica Risker

    Jessica Risker and I chat about her myriad of musical projects, and her most recent release, "I See You Among The Stars."

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    070: Caitlin Canty

    Caitlin Canty stops by to chat about her captivating new album, and I review the most recent release from Belly.

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    069: Caroline Says

    Caroline Says calls in to discuss her mesmerizing new album, navigating tricky recording situations and the power of juxtaposition in music.

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    068: Prana Crafter

    The man behind Prana Crafter stops by to chat about his latest piece of magnificent "mystic psych," and how he approaches the create process. I also check out the new record from Caroline Says.

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    067: Matthew Stubbs

    Matthew Stubbs stops by to discuss his killer new album, creative process and much more. I also check out the new record from The Breeders.

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    066: Computer Magic

    Danielle Johnson AKA Computer Magic stops by to discuss her fantastic new album, Danz. We also chat about the differences in the Japanese music scene, running a label and more. I also delve into the GREATEST live album ever.

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