Self-proclaimed music obsessive Joel Freimark (AKA thedailyguru) brings you in-depth artist interviews, conversations with other music fanatics, compelling commentary, and brutally honest music reviews spanning the entire world and history of music.

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    030: Myths - Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses & More

    This week, I find the truth behind the legends of backward songs from Led Zeppelin & The Beatles, some steamy Guns N Roses, Hendrix on LSD and Marilyn Manson's ribs. I also review the new album from The Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

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    029: Vinyl - Building A Stereo System

    This week, I discuss how to buy a new stereo or upgrade the system you have. I walk through each component, and explain how to buy with confidence. I also review the new album from Dinosaur Jr.

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    028: Vinyl - Buying & Collecting

    This week, I'm joined by a VERY special guest to discuss my approach to buying records in stores, how to pay the best price, and other secrets of vinyl culture. I also check out the new record from The Descendents.

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    027: Vinyl - Analog vs Digital

    This week, I take on the long-standing debate over which is superior: analog or digital. Also, I give a review of the new album from BadBadNotGood.

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    026: Vinyl - A Brief History

    For nearly a century, vinyl records have been a beloved way to listen to music. This week I delve into it's controversial and culture-changing history.

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    025: Nostalgia Acts & The Genre Problem

    Genre titles are often very misleading, to the point they don't make sense. My pal Christian and I discuss this, along with why nostalgia acts aren't always a bad thing.

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    024: Bobbito Garcia

    Legendary DJ, author, and filmmaker Bobbito Garcia stops by to talk hip hop, music culture and much more.

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    023: Supergroups

    2016 is becoming "The Year Of The Supergroup," but many such bands don't deserve the title.

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    021: Summer Music Festivals

    Music festivals have fallen far from greatness, and are now basically the same lineup in different regions. Comedian & musician Ethan Fixell joins me to discuss the problems and ways to make them better.

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