Self-proclaimed music obsessive Joel Freimark (AKA thedailyguru) brings you in-depth artist interviews, conversations with other music fanatics, compelling commentary, and brutally honest music reviews spanning the entire world and history of music.

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    056: Deap Vally

    Deap Vally stops by to chat about playing with Blondie & Garbage, honing their unique blue-rock-funk sound and much more. I also dig into the new EP from Nine Inch Nails.

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    055: Going Platinum

    Jay-Z's new album went platinum in under a week. In this episode, I discuss why that's not as great an achievement as it once was, and consider whether or not the RIAA even matters anymore.

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    054: The Harmaleighs

    The Harmaleighs stop by to chat about their new EP, sensitive bikers, and much more. I also review the new Lorde record, and give you an essential album for summertime.

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    052: Censorship In Music - Part 1 (The Early Years)

    Censorship in music goes back nearly a century, and this week I am looking at the origins, and some of the most outrageous and inexplicable moments. Also, story time returns with a wild night from Iggy & The Stooges.

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    051: Anna Coogan

    Anna Coogan joins me to discuss her fantastic new album, "The Lonely Cry of Space and Time," and I also look at the new record from Mark Lanegan. A new segment takes us into one of the coolest moments of 1968.

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    050: Soundtrack Debuts

    This week, I'm uncovering some huge hit songs that people forget were originally on movie soundtracks. Also, the new Kendrick Lamar album dropped, and I give it a review.

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    049: Unsung Women Then & Now

    Many women changed the course of music history, but have been forgotten by time. This week, I discuss a few of them, as well as some current performers you need to know.

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    048: Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry passed away this weekend, so I discuss his unparalleled influence on both music and culture across more than half a century.

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    047: My Favorite Female Performers

    For Women's History Month, I am spending this week discussing my favorite female performers, and why they are so important to music history. I also review the new album from Valerie June.

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