Self-proclaimed music obsessive Joel Freimark (AKA thedailyguru) brings you in-depth artist interviews, conversations with other music fanatics, compelling commentary, and brutally honest music reviews spanning the entire world and history of music.

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    071: Jessica Risker

    Jessica Risker and I chat about her myriad of musical projects, and her most recent release, "I See You Among The Stars."

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    070: Caitlin Canty

    Caitlin Canty stops by to chat about her captivating new album, and I review the most recent release from Belly.

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    069: Caroline Says

    Caroline Says calls in to discuss her mesmerizing new album, navigating tricky recording situations and the power of juxtaposition in music.

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    068: Prana Crafter

    The man behind Prana Crafter stops by to chat about his latest piece of magnificent "mystic psych," and how he approaches the create process. I also check out the new record from Caroline Says.

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    067: Matthew Stubbs

    Matthew Stubbs stops by to discuss his killer new album, creative process and much more. I also check out the new record from The Breeders.

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    066: Computer Magic

    Danielle Johnson AKA Computer Magic stops by to discuss her fantastic new album, Danz. We also chat about the differences in the Japanese music scene, running a label and more. I also delve into the GREATEST live album ever.

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    065: The Lovely Eggs

    Holly from The Lovely Eggs and I chat about the realities of being a true DIY band, their new record, the world going crazy and much more. I also take a look at the new album from Computer Magic.

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    064: J Roddy Walston

    J Roddy Walston stops by to discuss the band's latest album, his creative process, and how to keep your artistic integrity in the current music scene. I also check out the fantastic new album from Prana Crafter.

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    063: Andrew WK

    Andrew WK stops by to discuss his new album "You're Not Alone." We also delve into his creative process, lyrical interpretations, inner demons and much more.

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    062: 2017 Earfuel Awards

    I hand out my awards for the best, worst and most confusing records of 2017 in the 1st annual Earfuel Music Awards!

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