Music obsessive Joel Freimark (AKA thedailyguru) brings you in-depth artist interviews, conversations with other music fanatics, compelling commentary, and brutally honest music reviews spanning the entire world and history of music.

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    077: Emily Danger Returns

    Emily Danger stops by to discuss her stunning new album, surviving an abusive relationship, and the empowerment of being true to yourself. I also check out the new album from Steve Poltz.

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    075: Rock Hall Snubs & Predictions

    I am digging into the 2018 nominations to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to call out who got snubbed, who deserves to be in, and the one person I can't BELIEVE is even on the list! I also check out the new album from L'eclair.

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    074: Belly (Tanya Donelly & Gail Greenwood)

    Belly's Tanya Donelly & Gail Greenwood sit down to chat about the band's magnificent new album, "DOVE," as well as what it was like to get back together after more than 20 years. going total DIY and much more.

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    073: Concert Ticket Troubles & Tricks

    Battling ticket bots and scalpers, along with massive spikes in prices have made getting concert tickets more difficult than ever. This week, I discuss just how we got to this point, as well as offer some tips and tricks to give you the best shot scoring seats for your favorite band.

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    072: Ghost & The City

    Kia of Ghost & The City calls in to chat about their extraordinary new EP, "Time." I also dig into the new posthumous release from John Coltrane.

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    071: Jessica Risker

    Jessica Risker and I chat about her myriad of musical projects, and her most recent release, "I See You Among The Stars."

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    070: Caitlin Canty

    Caitlin Canty stops by to chat about her captivating new album, and I review the most recent release from Belly.

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    069: Caroline Says

    Caroline Says calls in to discuss her mesmerizing new album, navigating tricky recording situations and the power of juxtaposition in music.

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    068: Prana Crafter

    The man behind Prana Crafter stops by to chat about his latest piece of magnificent "mystic psych," and how he approaches the create process. I also check out the new record from Caroline Says.

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    067: Matthew Stubbs

    Matthew Stubbs stops by to discuss his killer new album, creative process and much more. I also check out the new record from The Breeders.

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    066: Computer Magic

    Danielle Johnson AKA Computer Magic stops by to discuss her fantastic new album, Danz. We also chat about the differences in the Japanese music scene, running a label and more. I also delve into the GREATEST live album ever.

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    065: The Lovely Eggs

    Holly from The Lovely Eggs and I chat about the realities of being a true DIY band, their new record, the world going crazy and much more. I also take a look at the new album from Computer Magic.

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    064: J Roddy Walston

    J Roddy Walston stops by to discuss the band's latest album, his creative process, and how to keep your artistic integrity in the current music scene. I also check out the fantastic new album from Prana Crafter.

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    063: Andrew WK

    Andrew WK stops by to discuss his new album "You're Not Alone." We also delve into his creative process, lyrical interpretations, inner demons and much more.

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    062: 2017 Earfuel Awards

    I hand out my awards for the best, worst and most confusing records of 2017 in the 1st annual Earfuel Music Awards!

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    061: Former Musical Loves

    Why do we move on from bands we were once obsessed with? Were we wrong to love them in the first place? My pal Christian and I explore these questions, and reveal some embarrassing pieces of our musical past. I also review the new record from Bjork.

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    060: Myths - Musical Murder, Brown M&Ms & More

    Did brown M&Ms cause a band to cancel a show? How did a murder become a hit song? Is your favorite party anthem actually a joke? I dig into these musical urban legends, along with reviewing the new Marilyn Manson album.

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    059: Rusty Hodge (SomaFM)

    SomaFM founder Rusty Hodge and I discuss the evolution of streaming music over the past 30 years, being an independent broadcaster, space and much more. I also dig deep into the new album from Lionize.

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    058: Lionize Go Nuclear

    Lionize return to discuss their killer new album, "Nuclear Soul." We discuss their new recording process, unintentional concept albums and much more. I also check out the new-ish Neil Young record.

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    057: AJ Croce

    AJ Croce stops by to discuss his new record, his unique song picking process, and the importance of a simple ask. I also review two albums from earlier this year that you need to get your ears on.

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    056: Deap Vally

    Deap Vally stops by to chat about playing with Blondie & Garbage, honing their unique blue-rock-funk sound and much more. I also dig into the new EP from Nine Inch Nails.

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    055: Going Platinum

    Jay-Z's new album went platinum in under a week. In this episode, I discuss why that's not as great an achievement as it once was, and consider whether or not the RIAA even matters anymore.

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    054: The Harmaleighs

    The Harmaleighs stop by to chat about their new EP, sensitive bikers, and much more. I also review the new Lorde record, and give you an essential album for summertime.

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    052: Censorship In Music - Part 1 (The Early Years)

    Censorship in music goes back nearly a century, and this week I am looking at the origins, and some of the most outrageous and inexplicable moments. Also, story time returns with a wild night from Iggy & The Stooges.

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    051: Anna Coogan

    Anna Coogan joins me to discuss her fantastic new album, "The Lonely Cry of Space and Time," and I also look at the new record from Mark Lanegan. A new segment takes us into one of the coolest moments of 1968.

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    050: Soundtrack Debuts

    This week, I'm uncovering some huge hit songs that people forget were originally on movie soundtracks. Also, the new Kendrick Lamar album dropped, and I give it a review.

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    049: Unsung Women Then & Now

    Many women changed the course of music history, but have been forgotten by time. This week, I discuss a few of them, as well as some current performers you need to know.

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    048: Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry passed away this weekend, so I discuss his unparalleled influence on both music and culture across more than half a century.

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    047: My Favorite Female Performers

    For Women's History Month, I am spending this week discussing my favorite female performers, and why they are so important to music history. I also review the new album from Valerie June.

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    046: CBGB - A Brief History

    CBGB is one of the most important venues in music history. Today, I dig into the odd circumstances that led to its status, and many of the bands that owe their careers to that stage. I also check out the new album from Thundercat.

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    045: Sexy-Time Tunes

    Valentines Day vibes are in the air, so I've got a special guest this week to dig into what exactly it is that makes certain songs more appealing in an intimate setting, as well as some of our favorite sexy-time tunes!

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    044: Protest Songs

    This week, I delve into some of the best songs of rebellion and protest from across the decades and genres. I also review the new record from Julie Byrne.

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    043: 5 Albums That Shaped My Teens

    Today I discuss 5 albums that shaped me as a teen, all of which I still play on a regular basis. I also review the new record from The XX.

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    042: Domo Arigato, Japan

    From amazing vinyl to strange sounds on the subway, I discuss my musical discoveries from my trip to Japan. I also review the new albums from Run The Jewels and Nine Inch Nails.

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    041: Best Albums of 2016

    My favorite albums and honorable mentions of 2016 might surprise you, but there's no question they are the best this year had to offer.

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    040: Misinterpreted Songs: Outkast, REM & More

    From Outkast to REM to Woody Guthrie, some of the most famous songs ever remain completely misunderstood. This week, I reveal the true meaning behind a handful of classic tracks, along with thoroughly reviewing the new album from Metallica.

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    039: Greatest American Band Ever

    Who is the greatest American rock band in history? This week, I am joined by fellow music fanatics Ethan & Christian to answer that exact question.

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    038: The KLF

    The KLF remain one of the most fascinating top selling groups in history, and yet most people have no idea who they are. Today I dig into the mystery and chaos of their short existence, along with checking out the new album from Leonard Cohen.

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    037: Rock Hall Nominees

    Nominations for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame were announced this week. I break down the good, the bad and the unexplainable nods and snubs. I also review the new album from Shovels & Rope.

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    036: Fantasy Band Draft

    Eddie Van Halen backing Freddie Mercury? Robert Plant singing with Billy Idol? This week, I'm joined by a few fellow music fanatics, as we draft all-time fantasy bands!

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    035: Myths - Ozzy, Lauryn Hill & More

    This week, I find the truth behind the legends of Ozzy & bats, Lauryn Hill & white people, Neil Young & guns and more. I also review the brand new album from Deap Vally.

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    034: Emily Danger

    The brilliantly talented Emily Danger joins me this week for a chat about her new single, going solo carrying amps and more. I also check out the new album from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

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    033: Three Artists To Know

    Tons of amazing bands and singers fly below the radar, and this week I am turning the spotlight on three of my favorites that I think you'll dig. I introduce Blue Scholars, The Ruts and Esthero, and discuss why you need to check them out. I also review the new record from De La Soul.

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    032: Still Relevant? The MTV VMA's

    The MTV Video Music Awards have seen a massive decline over the past decade. This week, I highlight some of my favorite VMA moments, and explore the cause of the fall. I also check out the new album from Frank Ocean.

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    031: Is Shock Rock Dead?

    Alice Cooper recently said that shock rock is dead. This week, I dig into what shock rock is, and whether or not it's still relevant or possible. Also, I review the new album from Atmosphere.

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    030: Myths - Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses & More

    This week, I find the truth behind the legends of backward songs from Led Zeppelin & The Beatles, some steamy Guns N Roses, Hendrix on LSD and Marilyn Manson's ribs. I also review the new album from The Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

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    029: Vinyl - Building A Stereo System

    This week, I discuss how to buy a new stereo or upgrade the system you have. I walk through each component, and explain how to buy with confidence. I also review the new album from Dinosaur Jr.

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    028: Vinyl - Buying & Collecting

    This week, I'm joined by a VERY special guest to discuss my approach to buying records in stores, how to pay the best price, and other secrets of vinyl culture. I also check out the new record from The Descendents.

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    027: Vinyl - Analog vs Digital

    This week, I take on the long-standing debate over which is superior: analog or digital. Also, I give a review of the new album from BadBadNotGood.

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    026: Vinyl - A Brief History

    For nearly a century, vinyl records have been a beloved way to listen to music. This week I delve into it's controversial and culture-changing history.

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    025: Nostalgia Acts & The Genre Problem

    Genre titles are often very misleading, to the point they don't make sense. My pal Christian and I discuss this, along with why nostalgia acts aren't always a bad thing.

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    024: Bobbito Garcia

    Legendary DJ, author, and filmmaker Bobbito Garcia stops by to talk hip hop, music culture and much more.

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    023: Supergroups

    2016 is becoming "The Year Of The Supergroup," but many such bands don't deserve the title.

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    021: Summer Music Festivals

    Music festivals have fallen far from greatness, and are now basically the same lineup in different regions. Comedian & musician Ethan Fixell joins me to discuss the problems and ways to make them better.

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    020: Prince & Musician Deaths

    I discuss the death of Prince and other big musicians like David Bowie with a VERY special guest.

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    019: Bands Replacing Key Members

    The Guns N Roses AC/DC shared frontman situation leads my pal Christian and I into a long discussion on bands replacing key members. I also review the new album from PJ Harvey.

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    018: Rolling Stone & Punk

    I critique Rolling Stone's "40 Greats Punk Albums" list, and review the new album from Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom

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    017: Rock Hall Gripes

    The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame gets a ton of things wrong with their inductions, and I'm discussing some of my biggest gripes. Also, I check out the new album from Charles Bradley.

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    016: Eerie Wanda

    Dutch band Eerie Wanda stops by for a chat, and I check out the new Bob Mould album.

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    013: Steve Poltz

    One of my favorite singers, Steve Poltz, stops by for a chat, and I check out the brand new record from the band Eerie Wanda.

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    012: Geometers

    The band Geometers joins me for a conversation about their new album, the DIY scene, and more. I also review the new record from Sia.

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    009: Heaters

    Today I talk with the band Heaters, and look at the outstanding new album from Floating Points.

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    008: Soccer Team

    Today I chat with Soccer Team about their brand new album, "Real Lessons In Cynicism"

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    007: Lionize

    This week I sit down for a chat with the band Lionize, and review the new album from Heaters.

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    006: Anya Marina

    Today I chat with the wonderful Anya Marina, and review the new record from Julia Holter.

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    005: Woodstock

    Today I sit down to talk firsthand about Woodstock with my own Dad. Along with that, i review the new albums from Talib Kweli and Carly Rae Jepsen.

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    004: Patrick Dennis

    This week, I sit down with Patrick Dennis to talk about his new album, "Furst In The Dirt," as well as the state of the current music scene in general.I also review Dr. Dre's brand new album, "Compton: A Soundtrack"

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    003: Dead Rock West

    Cindy & Frank from Dead Rock West sat down with me to discuss their new album and their views on the current music scene. I also review new albums from Public Enemy, Chelsea Wolfe, and yes, Insane Clown Posse.

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    002: Pitfalls Of Streaming Music

    This week, I review the self-titled debut from the Dave Grohl led supergroup, Teenage Time Killers. I also discuss how streaming music services are destroying the social experience of music enjoyment, and ultimately damaging the entire world of music.

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    001: Tim Barry

    I sat down with musician Tim Barry before he played at Saint Vitus in NYC. We discussed everything from the unique music scene in Richmond to songs he'll never play live to his views on the changing musical landscape. I also review Lil Wayne's "Free Weezy Album" and Veruca Salt's "Ghost Notes"

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